A preliminary consultation is available. Kindly fill out the Initial Consultation form and you will be contacted by our office to set up an interview with attorney Yardum-Hunter. Consultation fees are based on complexity of the case and by time required. Ms. Yardum-Hunter will review the facts of your case and advise in advance of any required consultation fee. Most cases, once engaged, are on a flat rate basis and the consultation fee is included in the total fee.

To initiate this process, please provide your information in the fields provided here and click "submit" to transmit to Attorney Yardum-Hunter.  You will be contacted promptly.  

The consultation does not establish an attorney client relationship upon which advice can be predictably used without retaining counsel.  Counsel cannot be responsible for any outcome unless hired.

Before you come in for your consultation, we recommend that you provide us with your immigration documents so that we may be able to make the best use of your time. Such documents include passports, birth certificates, prior applications, work done with prior counsel, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests, and so on. In order to securely send us your immigration documents through an encrypted channel, we request that you use click the button above titled "Upload Your Immigration Documents." Documents shared with our office in this way will never be shared unless explicitly authorized by the owner of said documents.

Thank you very much, and happy immigrating!