H-1Bs due 4/7/16, not 4/1/16

Those filing H-1B petitions with the Citizenship and Immigration Services for temporary positions requiring bachelor's level knowledge must prepare their applications for filing during the first five business days of April 2016, due this year by April 7. They are only due April 1 when fewer than the maximum number of cases which may be accepted are filed. More time is given, including the entire first five business days of April when the number of H-1B applications filed is larger than 65,000 for bachelor's required positions, plus 20,000 for US earned master's degree recipients, as is overwhelmingly predicted this year. Alice Yardum-Hunter, a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law by the State Bar of CA, is a "Super Lawyer" for 13 years in a row whose employment based H-1B practice focuses on specialists in business, computer and arts positions requiring specialized knowledge at the bachelor's level.