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Here’s what California Canadians have had to say about me lately…

1/24- 26/06 – From the California Canadians list serve lately:

OK, so can we all just agree that Alice is amazing, and we love having her on board, and her advice is ALWAYS welcome and we don't ever want her to leave us....

Great support for Alice . . . it was unanimous with a great response by
everyone. Keep up the great work Alice !
San Diego / Vancouver

I hardly write in, but everytime I do I get great advice on issues that only you all would know about and it has been a tremendous help. That goes for you especially Alice, mostly because you have access to information that few of us on here have, so thank have been helpful to a lot of us who just read to keep in the know. Risa/Toronto

Thank you Alice. Your help as always is appreciated.
Will call you when I can switch over to you.

Along those lines, thank you Alice for helping my sister Catherine get back into the states. She was so nervous, they went across the border at a smaller station with her CA girlfriend helping her drive, and 3 huge dogs in the back. She sold her car that she bought in CA (that had BC plates) and bought a car up there that had been originally registered in CA from a dealer that winters down here often. The funny thing in the guy didn't even look up or ask her where she was from or going! 

Talk all you want Alice! Your thoughts and opinions are a valuable resource!
Jennifer W - Aliso Viejo / Toronto

I am honestly blown away by the time and effort you put into your postings to set people straight on immigration. Well Canucks... I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I read Alice's replies to immigration questions and think, "who has the time to put together such a concise and comprehensive response like this?" I think that Alice is a very valuable contributor to the board. I learn alot when I read her responses. I think you are probably the most valuable member of the discussion group!
Best regards,

My wife is Canadian and she is finishing up her final semester of law school here in California. From our experience of going through the immigration system and from her studies into immigration and Constitutional Law, I can assure you that Alice is giving great advice and we should all be so lucky.

Alice…provides tons of free advice and when appropriate suggests that we pay for further use of services. She has done this to me personally and I respect her for it, and I plan to use her services to get my employers to pay for my H-1 and my PERM

Alice has been around…she has always provided legal perspective…Alice having been apprised as to the circumstances, felt that her knowledge is competent to get (Name)and her family through the border crossing and likely more…She provides a very valuable service, professional insight, and intelligent prose.

I have found the information that Alice contributes is very important.
Alice contributes of her own free will and the operational word is FREE.