China and India 2nd Preference

China and India Second Preference Employment based permanent residence cases are backlogged to priroity dates before June 2006. This means that for aliens who are native born in these places, labor certifications or immigrant petitions filed before then are eligible as of August 1, 2008 to adjust status in the U.S. or consular process for those not in the U.S. Those who enter after this process do that on an "immigrant visa." 

The choice of procedure, "adjustment of status" or "immigrant visa" can mean the difference between approval or being held longer in the queue, by years potentially. 

A priority date is the date that establishes where an immigrant petition beneficiary for processing purposes. There are more visas applied for than are available. As a result, a line was formed many years ago and based on the availability of visas for that year and demand for those visas. Retrogression occurs when the date of availability of an Immigrant Visa goes backward in time. For example if in April 2007 the number of IVs availabe fell on 5/16/2003. This would mean that at that time visas were available on 4/1/2007 for labor certifications or immigrant petitions filed before 5/16/2003. From that date, forward to May 2007. If on 5/1/2007 availability went backward to 6/27/2001, it would have gone backward in time. 5/1/2007, only petitions filed prior to the 6/27/2001 date could be processed for that month. Visa availability it updated every month in the Department of State Visa Bulletin. When the priority date retrogresses, the case can take much longer. This has been so quite often in recent years due to the large number of Indian and Chinese immigrants to the U.S.

It should be noted that the U.S. owes its technology and prior innovative industries, such as the automobile manufacturing industry, to computer hardware and software design, and design and implementation of factory line manufacturing and the industrial revolution, to aliens, like today's Indians and Chinese. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

The world can only be familiar and peace like through exposure to each other. Welcome! Let's find a new means of energy, and we'll be on our way toward that trajectory. Along the way, note your priority date and pursue adjustment or consular processing.