Comprehensive Immigration Law on Horizon

Yesterday, in acknowledging Senator Arlen Specter's change to the Democratic Party, President Barack Obama was clear when asked at his 100 day press conference about immigration. He said that the government is first setting the stage for comprehensive immigration reform by administratively enforcing the immigration laws that exist. This is consistent with what is happening: workplace enforcement, prosecuting employers of undocumented workers, enhanced border controls, more removal proceedings and faster appeals. It appears that the president wants the American people to know we will enforce the immigration laws first and then allow undocumented aliens to come out of the shadows to apply for legal status. If this is done correctly, it will prohibit a future wave of undocumented aliens once comprehensive reform takes place. In addition to the president’s statements, the Senate Judiciary committee led by Senator Charles Schumer has begun hearings on immigration reform. 

The time has come. 

While other immigration experts believed comprehensive immigration reform was possible under President George W. Bush, attorney Yardum-Hunter believed that at that time, the U.S. Congress was too conservative and the country to divided to pass such legislation, regardless of the desires of the president, and indeed that was the case. Now, however, the stage seems set for immigration reform with both a President and Congress in synch, particularly in light of Senator Specter's change of party. With the contested senate seat of Minnesota expected to go to Al Franken, also a Democrat, the Democrats will have a filibuster proof Congress. This does not mean that all Democrats will vote for and all Republicans against comprehensive immigration reform. Surely a few Democrats will not be in favor of it, however, as likely or possibly more likely, some moderate Republicans will also favor comprehensive immigration reform in sufficient numbers to pass a new law.

If you or someone you know is undocumented, has an expired visa or significant visa violations, now is not the time to leave the U.S. Instead, write directly to Ms. Yardum-Hunter who will keep you informed of the status of comprehensive immigration reform via email so you will know whether you qualify. To become a client of Ms. Yardum-Hunter's, go to our Initial Consultation page
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