H-1B Fiscal 2012 Filing Starts Today

Each year, April 1, employers of first time H-1B specialty occupation aliens may file for aliens in positions requiring a minimum of a bachelor's degree. The position itself must be one which requires theoretical and practical knowledge in a field of endeavor found at the baccalaureate level, and the H-1B alien must also either possess the degree or equivalent of experience in lieu of education. Three years of progressively more responsible experience substitutes for each year of education missing. The start of employ for each fiscal year begins on October 1 of the same year as filing and until 65,000 H-1B applicants first apply for this status. An addition 10,000 master degree aliens qualify as well. When the availability of these numbers is exhausted, H-1 petitions for other new specialty occupation aliens may not be filed until the next April 1 for work to commence that October 1.

Let the filing begin!