May Visa Bulletin Jump Forward

The U.S. Department of State's Monthly Visa Bulletin shows a gain of eight months in the third priority category for worldwide chargability professionals in jobs requiring a bachelor degree or skilled workers to March 1, 2006, meaning that labor certification applications made on that day if approved can be the basis of adjustment of status to permanent residence as of May 1. As this date could retrogress, applications for adjustment should be filed in the month of May in this category. Natives of China, India, Mexico and the Philipines must wait longer due to greater demaind.

The unskilled worker category jumped forward by 10 months for worldwide chargability (all nationalities but China, India, Mexico and the Philippines). 

Second preference master degree professionals or those with exceptional ability from China and India advanced only one month to January 2004. Natives of all other countries are current in this category, meaning they qualify to adjust status during the month of May, at least.

Exceptional ability aliens, certain religious workers and targeted employment area and regional center employees from all countries are eligible to file for adjustment of status during the month of May, at least.