USCIS Applies CSPA Retroactively

When the Child Status Proteciton Act (CSPA) was enacted, it seemed to provide coverage for a broad range of cases: petitions and applications for immigrant visas or adjust6ments of status on or after August 6, 2002, the date of enactment. Based on early interpretation of the CSPA, most children who had turned 21 prior to August 6, 2002 didn't qualify, however, with retroactive applications of parts of CSPA, many, though not all can now qualify. 

If you or someone you know is the beneficiary, direct or derivative of an immigrant petition and you are over 21 having not yet applied for permanent residence, please contact Ms. Yardum-Hunter for analysis of your case. Contact Ms. Yardum-Hunter even if she has analyzed your case before. The rules are now different and for some people, it is easier to get permanent ("green card") resident alien status.