Yardum-Hunter to Speak at Southwestern Law School

At an event of the consortium of Armenian Law Students Assns. from the Los Angeles area, Alice Yardum-Hunter will again speak on preparing for a career in the legal profession. 

Ms. Yardum-Hunter focuses these presentations on those who are not clear they want to practice law, or who don't know which specialty to choose. Drawing from her own experience, she asks the audience to think back on those memories in life which gave them the most vivid, happy memories when they were engaged in some project or activity, not necessarily having to do with school or work. From those memories, as students look to their future, they should be able to find a path toward a satisfying career. 

Alice remembers running to the mail every day as a child in hopes the National Geographic Magazine would be there. When it came once a month, she delightedly poured over the pictures before she could read in awe of the wonder of our planet and its peoples. From this beginning, she wanted to learn more about the world and paved a path to immigration law, a field which gives her much pleasure in the challengs and knowing she profoundly affects people's lives by simply providing them choice as to where to live.