My Grandma the Terrorist, Really???

My grandmother lived in Aleppo, Syria a hundred years ago as a 12 year old orphaned Christian, ethnic Armenian refugee from the Ottoman Empire. If she tried to come to the U.S. today the same way, she would be turned away as a risk to the safety of the U.S. To be viewed by the U.S. as a threat was never considered as a rational perspective until recent times. There are threats to the U.S., but the wholesale misclassification of millions of people today who have already experienced atrocities before being examined by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is wrong. It hurts the U.S. too.

Banning refugees from Syria is wrong. These are people who appreciate the small things in life more than those who don't know suffering. They are inspired by fortune after misfortune to contribute for all our benefits. To shun them after being unspeakably victimized already is a reason for them to become angry as direct result of American leadership paranoia. Rather than the American Dream, this is an American Nightmare. Stand up and force our leaders to detect those who are true dangers in a more effective way, for everyone's well-being.